Review: Michael Dellwing & Robert Prus (2012). Einführung in die interaktionistische Ethnografie [Introduction to Interactionist Ethnography]

Dirk vom Lehn


DELLWING and PRUS's "Introduction to Interactionist Ethnography" is a textbook that offers (university) students and teachers an introduction to and instruction on how to conduct ethnographic studies using interactionist concepts and techniques. With their focus on the interactionist approach to ethnography, DELLWING and PRUS differ from the phenomenological approaches that pervade German ethnography. The book begins with a competent and very readable explanation of the analytic basis of interactionist ethnography that is characterized by a plurality of perspectives and the need for negotiations about the "definition of the situation." It then turns to practical aspects of conducting interactionist ethnographies and addresses all parts of the research process, including access to the field, field observation, and field notes, as well as the writing-up of an ethnographic study for a book, journal article, dissertation, or coursework. DELLWING and PRUS's book should be read by established ethnographers as well as by students looking for a competent and thorough introduction to the praxis of conducting ethnographic studies using an interactionist approach.



(symbolic) interactionism; ethnography; research methods; George Herbert Mead; Herbert Blumer


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