Shared Viewing From Phenomenological Perspectives: English Teachers and Lived Experience as Text

Jason DeHart, Mandie B. Dunn


In this article, we share our different perspectives using the philosophical lens of phenomenology to shape a hermeneutic research methodology considering the experiences of English teachers using arts-based or aesthetic pedagogy. The consideration includes the use of poetry, film, and other texts, and we approach this exploration of method and pedagogy from alternative philosophical stances (AHMED, 2006; MERLEAU-PONTY, 1993 [1964]; VAN MANEN, 2018). What unites the two studies is a sense of the importance of teachers' experiences in meaning-making and interpretation as they work to convey instruction to their students through texts that speak to lived experience in a variety of ways.


aesthetic pedagogy; qualitative studies; phenomenology; language instruction; interpretation; teacher as artist

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