Review: Birgit Griese, Hedwig Rose Griesehop & Martina Schiebel (Eds.) (2004). Perspektiven qualitativer Sozialforschung [Perspectives of Qualitative Research]

Michael Appel


This collection of papers gives an insight into the inter-disciplinary debate from the "Interuniversitäres Netzwerk Biographie und Lebensweltforschung" (INBL) (Inter-University Network of Biographical and Lebenswelt Research), which is comprised of investigative groups from the Universities of Bremen, Göttingen and Bielefeld. The articles argue mostly about method and methodological aspects of qualitative research. These are reflections on methods and results of qualitative research projects as seen through the various disciplines of Sociology, Educational and Cultural Sciences, Psychology and Ethnology. They are viewed through a range of action fields such as theoretical and applied research and teaching and professional practice—simultaneously a strength and weakness of the book. In spite of an introductory chapter, the connections between the articles are often not explicit. Nevertheless, the book gives interesting suggestions for rumination about real and relevant questions in all aspects of the ongoing development of qualitative research.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050311


inter-disciplinary qualitative research; method and methodological reflections; qualitative research development


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