Review: Susan Geideck & Wolf-Andreas Liebert (Eds.) (2003). Sinnformeln. Linguistische und soziologische Analysen von Leitbildern, Metaphern und anderen kollektiven Orientierungsmustern [Meaning Formulas. Linguistic and Sociological Analysis of Models, Metaphors ...

Rudolf Schmitt


This book consists of 16 articles concerning the language side of social meaning. The editors try to establish a new concept of the "meaning formula"; other articles discuss theoretically (but also in concrete studies) thinking patterns, social patterns of meaning, models, metaphors and related concepts. The book is seen as a search for new connections between linguistics and sociology. It is strongly recommended to qualitative oriented readers as an overall view to actual debates in this field. The approach of "cognitive linguistics" is mentioned in empirical studies but missing in the theoretical chapters, so the review completes the discussion with its own considerations of the approach. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050340


meaning formula; thinking patterns; social patterns of meaning; model; metaphor


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