Review: Christof Beyer (2004). Der Erfurter Amoklauf in der Presse. Unerklärlichkeit und die Macht der Erklärung: Eine Diskursanalyse anhand zweier ausgewählter Beispiele [The Erfurt Amok Run in the Print Press. Inexplicability and the Power of Explication: A Discourse Analysis of two Selected Examples]

Katharina Gajdukowa


BEYER provides a discourse analytical study concerning the press coverage of the amok run** in Erfurt committed by Robert Steinhäuser. He applies the analytical categories used by two representatives of discourse analysis, Michel FOUCAULT and Jürgen LINK, and comes to the conclusion that the discourse about the subject is a matter of normality and aberration. This difference serves as a basic principle in order to explain the consequences of the amok run, thereby, the focus is on the perpetrator. He symbolizes the prototype of aberration, without questioning the fundamental organization of power and knowledge.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0502112


discourse analysis; Foucault; Link; theory of disintegration


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