Review: Mathias Spohr (2003). Das gemeinsame Maß. Ansätze zu einer allgemeinen Medientheorie [The Common Measure. Approaches to a General Media Theory]

Reinhard Kacianka


Matthias SPOHR attempts to explain the effects of a Media Turn and argues that measuring is the actual medium. Citing most of the influential authors in the fields of philosophy, media theory and poststructuralism, he sets out to outline a General Media Theory. He confronts the challenge in a very erudite manner, but seems to lose his way in a fragmented world marked by contradictory positions. He tries to harmonise highly heterogeneous viewpoints but as a result his thoughts are not really informative. Taking a global view of his 300-page commentary, one has to conclude that "less would have been more" and that a competent and critical editor ought to have intervened in order to make Mathias SPOHR's intellectual efforts more effective.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050250


anthropology; media and cultural sciences; difference/indifference; criticism of civilization and technology


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