Conference Report: Fourth Annual Meeting of Qualitative Psychology. "Areas of Qualitative Psychology—Special Focus on Design"

Leo Gürtler, Silke-Birgitta Gahleitner


This report note reviews the fourth an­nual meeting of Qualitative Psychology in Blau­beu­ren (near Ulm, Germany) Oct., 22-24, 2003. Organized by the Center for Qualitative Psy­chol­ogy (Tübingen, Germany). The question of Re­search Design was chosen as the central topic of the conference. Researchers from different pro­fes­sions took part. The range of experience of the participants was very heterogeneous: Beginning with young researchers, different levels of exper­tise were represented (up to and including very ex­perienced scholars and researchers). Participants also came from different countries. The main work was done in small working groups. In these groups each study and its outcome(s) was critically dis­cussed and remarked upon. Plenum lectures were also held, in which selected experts presented their thoughts on the central topic—research de­sign. The following report gives a brief summary of each study presented. An attempt is also under­taken to evaluate the findings and the workshop as a whole in the context of the development of qualitative research in psychology.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403312


qualitative methodology; qualitative psychology; research design; methodology; qualitative research; psychology; networking; mixed methods

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