Review: Günter Burkart & Jürgen Wolf (Eds.) (2002). Lebenszeiten. Erkundungen zur Soziologie der Generationen [Life Course. Investigation Into the Sociology of Generations]

Stefanie Große


This book consists of 26 articles and introduces the reader to different fields, methods and aspects of life course and generation research. It is published on the occasion of Martin KOHLI's 60th birthday and focuses on his research program. Most of the authors of the articles are personally involved and committed to his research program. Despite some critical remarks mentioned in this review, altogether this book is enriching to the field. It is also appealing for non-experts because even the basic concepts of life course research are discussed.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401265


life course research; generation research; survey research; multivariate analyses; interpretive approaches in the social sciences; fieldwork; narrative interview; autobiographical narrative; biographical research


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