Review: Katja Bett & Joachim Wedekind (Eds.) (2003). Lernplattformen in der Praxis [Learning Platforms in Practice]

Anja Kassel


This volume documents 13 contributions to workshop discussions on "Learning Platforms in Practice" which were held at the "Institut für Wissensmedien" in 2002 ( It addresses university faculty who would like to offer (at least in part) teaching via virtual learning platforms. The emphases lie in particular with teaching and learning-related issues. These include practical experiences with the use of learning platforms, standardization and quality criteria, and last, but not least, decision-making processes, general conditions, and the future of the e-learning scene. These single contributions are illustrated by screenshots, graphics, literature, and website references. Some contributions, however, assume a deeper technical knowledge.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401332


learning platforms; standards of e-learning; quality criteria; future of e-learning


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