Review: Wolfgang Frindte & Jörg Neumann (Eds.) (2002). Fremdenfeindliche Gewalttäter. Biografien und Tatverläufe [Xenophobic Perpetrators. Biographies and Crimes]

Andreas Klärner


This empirical study of FRINDTE and NEUMANN deals with xenophobic perpetrators in a unified Germany. It follows a social-psychological approach and focuses on the biographical development of the perpetrators. The main question is: how are knowledge structures related to aggression developed. The study's data is based on qualitative interviews (supplemented by a questionnaire) with 101 male (ex-) prisoners, who were convicted for xenophobic violence. This study re-validates already known findings on xenophobic perpetrators, but is unique in its combining of quantitative and qualitative methods. Regretfully, the quantification of the qualitative data is too far reaching and thus limits new insights into the world of xenophobic perpetrators.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs030332


violence; right-wing extremism; social psychology; biographical research


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