Review: Michaela Goll (2002). Arbeiten im Netz. Kommunikationsstrukturen, Arbeitsabläufe, Wissensmanagement [Doing Work in a Networked Organisation. Structures of Communication, Processes of Work and Knowledge Management]

Dirk vom Lehn


Arbeiten im Netz (Doing Work in a Networked Organisation) is based on ethnographic research of the work practice in a networked company. The members of the company work mainly from home, on the move or from the offices of its customers. GOLL's analysis reveals how the members of the company use technology to produce documents of their work practice that make possible the coordination of their action and activity and the control of their work. The book makes an important contribution to the sociology and psychology of work and organisation and is recommended to those researchers who are interested in empirical studies of work practice.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0303291


distributed work; organisation; network; ethnomethodology; ethnography; workplace studies


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