Review: Benjamin Crabtree & William Miller (Eds.) (1999). Doing Qualitative Research (2nd edition)

Jacqueline M. Barnett


This text is a must for the qualitative researcher whose work primarily lies in the field of healthcare. The reader is taken through an overview of qualitative methods and then shown various data collection techniques and data analysis strategies along with some exceptional research designs. The detailed exemplars of real research problems and suggestions for solutions are invaluable. The book should not be used for introduction to or survey of qualitative methods instruction because of the complexity of strategies and research designs. For the experienced or somewhat experienced researcher, however, this text is priceless.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs020432


qualitative research; interpretivism; case study; grounded theory; participant observer; ethnography; phenomenology; hermeneutic editing; immersion / crystallization; code manual

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