Not "Anything Goes." A Critical Assessment of Constructionism and Its Misinterpretation

Barbara Zielke


First, the article discusses some popular confusion caused by a superficial (and extreme) interpretation of the constructionist meta-theoretical position. Second, a number of versions of critical realism are discussed as an alternative which is to be respected, but may be critiqued as being prone to the (ideological) presupposition that some entities are "beyond construction." Third, the more severe problems of constructionist meta-theory are sketched and criticized: i.e., the implications of a psychology without subject and a notion of cultural practice that denies any kind of agency to its participants. Finally, and to invite future projects, a case is made for a pragmatist refinement of the constructionist position.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0601275


social constructionism; critical realism; dialogue; participation; agency; philosophical pragmatism; Habitus

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