Vol 4, No 3 (2003)

Doing Biographical Research

Edited by Gerhard Riemann

Table of Contents

Thematic Issue

Editorial: The FQS-Issue "Doing Biographical Research". Four Years of Publishing FQS as an Example for Social Science Open Access Journals HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Katja Mruck
A Joint Project Against the Backdrop of a Research Tradition: An Introduction into "Doing Biographical Research" HTML PDF
Gerhard Riemann
Unfocussed Language Acquisition? The Presentation of Linguistic Situations in Biographical Narration HTML PDF
Rita Franceschini
Quest and Query. Interpreting a Biographical Interview with a Turkish Woman Laborer in Germany HTML PDF
Nevâl Gültekin, Lena Inowlocki, Helma Lutz
Migration Experiences and Changes of Identity. The Analysis of a Narrative HTML PDF
Kaja Kazmierska
Transformative Experiences of a Turkish Woman in Germany: A Case-Mediated Approach toward an Autobiographical Narrative Interview HTML PDF
Setsuo Mizuno
Hülya's Migration to Germany as Self-Sacrifice Undergone and Suffered in Love for her Parents, and her Later Biographical Individualisation. Biographical Problems and Biographical Work of Marginalisation and Individualisation of a Young Turkish Woman in Germany HTML PDF
Fritz Schütze
Extended Processes of Biographical Suffering and the Allusive Expression of Deceit in an Autobiographical Narrative Interview with a Female Migrant Worker in Germany HTML PDF
Bärbel Treichel, Birgit Schwelling
Reflections: Doing Biographical Research HTML PDF
Robert B. Faux

Single Contributions

When the Unconscious Joins the Game: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Modernization and Change HTML PDF
Linda Lundgaard Andersen
Problem-Solving Skills in Anesthesia HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Cornelius Buerschaper, Holger Harms, Gesine Hofinger, Marcus Rall
Mediated Communication in Couple Relationships: Approaches for Theoretical Modeling and First Qualitative Findings HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch) HTML PDF
Nicola Döring, Christine Dietmar
Grounded Action: Achieving Optimal and Sustainable Change HTML PDF
Odis E. Simmons, Toni A. Gregory
Can Qualitative Research Inform Policy Implementation? Evidence and Arguments from a Developing Country Context HTML PDF
Brigitte Smit
Incarnating Stigma: Visual Images of the Body with HIV/AIDS HTML PDF
Nelson Varas-Díaz, José Toro-Alfonso
Inquiries into Men's Desire for Children: Results from a Study on Family Formation with 30-Year-Old Men from East Germany HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Holger Von der Lippe, Urs Fuhrer
Leila: Phenomena of Dissociation in a Young Adult's Media Interaction. A Case Study in Media-Biography and Psychotraumatology HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Harald Weilnböck

FQS Reviews

Review Essay: "To Go to the Body." Advances in Phenomenological-sociological Identity Theory HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Thorsten Berndt
Collective Review: Developments in the Field of the Foucauldian Discourse Analysis HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Rainer Diaz-Bone
Review: Ross Gray & Christina Sinding (2002). Standing Ovation: Performing Social Science Research about Cancer HTML PDF
Mary Gergen
Review: Rainer Winter & Lothar Mikos (Eds.) (2001). Die Fabrikation des Populären. Der John-Fiske-Reader [The Production of the Popular: The John Fiske Reader] / Udo Göttlich, Lothar Mikos & Rainer Winter (Eds.) (2001). Die Werkzeugkiste der Cultural Studies. Perspektiven, Anschlüsse und Interventionen [The Cultural Studies Toolbox: Perspectives, Connections and Interventions] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Dagmar Hoffmann, Markus Wiemker
Review: Wolfgang Frindte & Jörg Neumann (Eds.) (2002). Fremdenfeindliche Gewalttäter. Biografien und Tatverläufe [Xenophobic Perpetrators. Biographies and Crimes] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Andreas Klärner
Review Essay: Convincing Doubts instead of Doubtful Persuasions—An Understanding Perspective on Hermeneutical Police Research HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Anja Mensching
Review: Christina Schachtner (2002). Entdecken und Erfinden. Lernmedium Computer [Discovering and Inventing. Computers as Learning Media] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Klaus Niedermair
Review: Helga Kotthoff (Ed.) (2002). Kultur(en) im Gespräch [Culture(s) in Conversation] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Matthias Otten
Review Essay: "If Somebody's with Something Every Day They've Gotta Learn Something—Or They're Just Out to Lunch": The Dialectics of Ethnography as a Way of Being HTML PDF
Wolff-Michael Roth
Review: Gabriele Lucius-Hoene & Arnulf Deppermann (2002). Rekonstruktion narrativer Identität. Ein Arbeitsbuch zur Analyse narrativer Interviews [The Reconstruction of Narrative Identity. A Guide to the Analysis of Narrative Interviews] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Meike Schwabe
Review: Michaela Goll (2002). Arbeiten im Netz. Kommunikationsstrukturen, Arbeitsabläufe, Wissensmanagement [Doing Work in a Networked Organisation. Structures of Communication, Processes of Work and Knowledge Management] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Dirk vom Lehn
Review: Karin Flaake (2001). Körper, Sexualität und Geschlecht. Studien zur Adoleszenz junger Frauen [Body, Sexuality, and Sex/Gender. Studies in Women's Adolescence] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Tilmann Walter

FQS Conferences

Conference Report: Focussing on Everyday Life HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Lars Allolio-Näcke
Conference Report: Perspectives – Positions – Methods. European Ethnology on Studying Contemporary Changes in the Working World HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Manfred Seifert