Computer-Aided Archiving of Qualitative Data with the Database System "QBiQ

Susann Kluge, Diane Opitz


In Germany up until now qualitative data material has rarely been comprehensively and systematically archived. At The Special Collaborative Centre 186 (Sfb 186), we responded to this situation by developing a computer-aided archiving concept for qualitative longitudinal data that also contains suitable strategies for anonymisation and detailed conditions for access and transmitting of data. We needed new computer technologies as it is very time-consuming to archive large amounts of qualitative material in paper form. The computer readable format offers several advantages; it reduces the amount of storage required, allows quick copying of the data and makes it feasible to selectively search the data for particular research questions. In addition, we are developing the database system "QBiQ" (pronounced "cubic") which not only archives qualitative and quantitative data in one system but it also provides main functions of common text analysis like coding, carrying out of text retrieval etc. Furthermore, it offers some useful interfaces for text analysis systems in order to facilitate the data exchange between different programs.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0003111


computerised archiving of qualitative longitudinal data; database system "QBiQ; data protection and ethical aspects of research; anonymisation; secondary analysis and reanalysis


Copyright (c) 2000 Susann Kluge, Diane Opitz

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