Action Research: A Brief Overview


  • Judith M. Newman



action research, teacher research, practice as inquiry, narrative inquiry, critical inquiry, case studies, reflective practice, critical incidents, AR overview, AR tools, AR assumptions


This contribution outlines several variants of teacher / action research, describing some of the different "tools" and "intentions" of a number of prominent qualitative researchers. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001173


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Author Biography

Judith M. Newman

A writer and education consultant, Dr. NEWMAN ( has devoted the last twenty-four years to helping teachers become reflective learners in their own classrooms. She has written numerous journal articles and is author and editor of several books on literacy learning and instruction. She has produced two books on teacher action research: Interwoven Conversations: Learning and Teaching Through Critical Reflection (Canadian Scholars' Press, 1997) and Tensions of Teaching: Beyond Tips to Critical Reflection (Canadian Scholars' Press in Canada and Teachers College Press in the US, 1998).




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