Review Essay: What Is the Contribution of Discourse Linguistics to Foucaultian Discourse Analysis?

Rainer Diaz-Bone


Foucauldian discourse analysis has developed as a field in the social sciences and has established itself as a methodological approach in qualitative social research. In recent years, discourse linguistics has emerged in German-language humanities as part of linguistics. This new approach refers to the work of Michel FOUCAULT. Discourse linguistics "after FOUCAULT" is presented in two new volumes. This review essay discusses which suggestions and contributions from this area of linguistics could be important for Foucauldian discourse analysis. But we must critically ask whether this approach, which builds on the work of FOUCAULT,can still be regarded as a linguistic approach or if an approach through discursive concepts in linguistics must be recognized, one which opens itself to praxeological social sciences.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002191


Foucault; discourse analysis; discourse linguistics; text linguistics; historical discourse semantics; critical discourse analysis


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