Ethical Issues when Teaching Praxis is Coextensive with Qualitative Research Praxis—An Introduction

Wolff-Michael Roth


Coteaching is a rather recent form of praxis that allows new and experienced teachers to learn to teach while teaching. In its inception, however, coteaching has evolved as a way of doing research by centrally participating in the praxis that one is interested in understanding. The approach leads to a number of ethical issues arising from the fact that coteaching requires collective responsibility all the while participants are positioned differently from an institutional perspective. In this introduction, I articulate a framework that allows us to situate the lead article featured in this debate and the commentaries that an international group of authors—all practitioners of the method—provided. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0604174


Being-with; responsibility; praxis; phenomenology; hermeneutics; philosophy of difference

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