The Diverse Worlds and Research Practices of Qualitative Software


  • Nigel Fielding University of Surrey



trends in qualitative methods, new technologies for qualitative research, citizen research online, glocalization of methods, qualitative software


The article considers the way that digital research technologies and online environments increasingly support new forms of qualitative research that have emerged as a result of new user groups taking up the practice of social research. New practitioners of qualitative research have entered the field from societies where qualitative research is a newly-established practice, and new cadres of "citizen researchers" have turned to qualitative methods for non-academic purposes. These groups challenge accepted understandings of qualitative methods. The article uses the example of qualitative software as a case study of how qualitative research is enabled by new digital tools that help new user groups extend the application of qualitative research methods.



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Author Biography

Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey

Nigel FIELDING is Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of Arts and Human Sciences at the University of Surrey. His research interests are in new technologies for social research, qualitative research methods, mixed method research design, and criminology. He has authored or edited 20 books, over 50 journal articles and over 200 other publications. In methodology these cover subjects including methodological integration, qualitative software, the role of computer technology in qualitative research, the research interview, and the application of high performance computing applications to qualitative methods.




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Fielding, N. (2012). The Diverse Worlds and Research Practices of Qualitative Software. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 13(2).