Review: Werner Fuchs-Heinritz (2005). Biographische Forschung. Eine Einführung in Praxis und Methoden [Biographical Research: An Introduction to Practical and Methodical Basics]

Birgit Griese


Werner FUCHS-HEINRITZ introduces the basics of biographical research. He outlines the different forms and structures of biographical communication in everyday life and in institutional contexts, as well as the special features of biographical communication in scientific settings (interviews). The history of this special access to subjective constructions of social reality (constructions of the "world and I") is presented in detail and research objectives, pursued by surveying and interpreting biographical material, are considered. FUCHS-HEINRITZ discusses key topics relating to the research-design process and the assessment of quality and validity in qualitative methods, and describes different evaluation perspectives. While, related to everyday or scientific practice, FUCHS-HEINRITZ often succeeds in presenting a didactically excellent introduction for novices, the structure of his work does not convince at all. His goal of informing novices in a broad way collides with the requirements of providing a coherent text and a transparent setup—requirements which are essential for preparatory texts.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0604262


biographical research; narrative interview; biographical communication; data-interpretation; the qualitative research-design process; validity


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