Methodological Considerations of and Methodical Approaches to an Intersectional Dispositive Analysis


  • Stefan Paulus FHS St.Gallen



dispositive analysis, intersectionality, gender regime, post-Fordism, regulation theory, post-structuralism, discourse analysis, intersectional multilevel analysis


This contribution deals with methodological consideration s and methodical approaches to  a dispositive analysis. Siegfried JÄGER (2001) argued that an explicit method can be developed only in connection with concrete research projects.  Other researchers have presented additional theoretical considerations (BÜHRMANN & SCHNEIDER 2007, 2008; KELLER 2007). In this article I would like to introduce methodical approaches and demonstrate them with the help of a concrete research project. This approach connects methodological reflections on the intersectional multilevel analysis by WINKER and DEGELE (2009) with attempts of a dispositive analysis after FOUCAULT (1978). These considerations refer to the concluded research project "Gender regime. An intersectional dispositive analysis of work-life-balance measures" (PAULUS, 2012).

 I  offer anexplanation of the dispositive analysis after FOUCAULT (1978), andmethodological considerations of the theory of intersectionality . Both attempts will be triangulated  in order to make the theoretical construction of an intersectional dispositive analysis  clear. The theoretical construction will be explicated by a historical example of a post-Fordist gender regime.  The results refer to the relevance of an intersectional dispositive analysis for other research possibilities.



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Author Biography

Stefan Paulus, FHS St.Gallen

Stefan PAULUS, Dr. rer.pol., hat in der Arbeitsgruppe "Arbeit-Gender-Technik" der Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg zum Thema "Das Geschlechterregime. Eine intersektionale Dispositivanalyse von Work-Life-Balance-Maßnahmen" promoviert. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte liegen in der Arbeits-, Geschlechter- und Gouvernementalitätsforschung.



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