The Case Perspective in Professional Praxis and in its Reflexive Self-Appraisal: Some General Considerations based on an Empirical Example from the Field of Family Mediation

Kai-Olaf Maiwald


In this article it is argued that developing a specific case perspective is of crucial importance for professions. The argument proceeds in two steps: First, the structural elements that are associated with the use of the term "case" are explicated and an explanation is offered why a reference to cases is characteristic for professions. Second, a problematic empirical example from the context of family mediation illustrates that a case perspective structures both the professional praxis of interacting with a client as well as the reflexive self-appraisal of this praxis. It will, furthermore, be argued that the absence of such a case perspective has precarious implications for the praxis of intervention as well as for reflecting about this praxis. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs080138


case; case perspective; professional action; mediation


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