Betwixt and Between Conversation Analysis and Ethnomethodology. Jürgen Streeck in Conversation With Hannes Krämer & René Salomon

Jürgen Streeck, Hannes Krämer, René Salomon


In the following interview, Jürgen STREECK discusses the development of ethnomethodology and its overlaps with conversation analysis and interaction analysis. He provides a personal account of the influence of Aaron COICUREL for his own understanding of ethnomethodology, of their shared intellectual environment in the U.S. and in Germany, and of the different ways in which linguistics and sociology were intertwined. STREECK shows how pivotal linguistic concepts like indexicality were challenged and developed further by ethnomethodology. Furthermore, he underlines the importance of theoretical approaches by Ludwig WITTGENSTEIN, Maurice MERLEAU-PONTY and George Herbert MEAD, which were integrated differently within the field of conversation analysis and ethnomethodology. Against this background, STREECK highlights the body as an essential resource for interaction and discusses the theoretical as well as methodological implications of embodied interaction. In doing so, STREECK shows impressively the potential of a broadening of ethnomethodological concepts.


ethnomethodology; conversation analysis; gesture; embodied interaction; multimodality; linguistics


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