Shared Viewing From Phenomenological Perspectives: English Teachers and Lived Experience as Text

  • Jason DeHart Appalachian State University
  • Mandie B. Dunn University of South Florida
Keywords: aesthetic pedagogy, qualitative studies, phenomenology, language instruction, interpretation, teacher as artist


In this article, we share our different perspectives using the philosophical lens of phenomenology to shape a hermeneutic research methodology considering the experiences of English teachers using arts-based or aesthetic pedagogy. The consideration includes the use of poetry, film, and other texts, and we approach this exploration of method and pedagogy from alternative philosophical stances (AHMED, 2006; MERLEAU-PONTY, 1993 [1964]; VAN MANEN, 2018). What unites the two studies is a sense of the importance of teachers' experiences in meaning-making and interpretation as they work to convey instruction to their students through texts that speak to lived experience in a variety of ways.


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Author Biographies

Jason DeHart, Appalachian State University

Jason D. DEHART is an assistant professor of reading education at Appalachian State University. In his work, he focuses on the use of multimodal text and digital practice to engage readers, and particularly in the context of upper elementary and adolescent literacy.

Mandie B. Dunn, University of South Florida

Mandie B. DUNN is an assistant professor in English education at the University of South Florida. In her work, she focuses on the sociology of the teaching profession, especially how the work of teaching necessitates emotional and relational labor.

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