The Deconstructive and Reconstructive Faces of Social Construction: An Interview With Ken Gergen


  • César A. Cisneros Puebla Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa
  • Robert B. Faux Saint Leo University



social constructionism, research methods, social science, positivism, epistemology, ethics, deconstruction


This conversation is an effort to include new elements in the FQS debate on constructionism. In his eloquent and unambiguous style GERGEN speaks out about critical realism, rationality, truth claims, grounding and other scientific and human beliefs. Firmly based in the constructionist perspective of ethics, GERGEN leads us to examine relevant epistemological questions such as solipsism and the value of prediction, the searching for foundations, and the radical and retro pendulum in the sociology of knowledge. The "conversational reality" performed in this piece is just a small part of our cultural complexity. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801204


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Author Biographies

César A. Cisneros Puebla, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa

César A. CISNEROS PUEBLA is Professor in the Sociology Department at Autonomous Metropolitan University-Iztapalapa, Mexico. He teaches qualitative methods and social sciences epistemology. His research interests include narrative and discourse analysis, grounded theory, symbolic interaction, qualitative data analysis and qualitative computing. In FQS, he is the editor for the Spanish version and coordinates the Ibero American branch.

Robert B. Faux, Saint Leo University

Robert B. FAUX enseña en la facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Es psicólogo educativo y enseña métodos de investigación, teorías del aprendizaje, psicología de la adolescencia y del desarrollo. Su investigación en psicología educativa se centra en el estudio de caso para enseñar psicología y desarrollo de la identidad profesional. Sus otros intereses de investigación incluyen la interelación de la psicología y las artes, el desarrollo de la identidad en culturas no occidentales y la psicología cultural. También se interesa en la historia y filosofía de la psicología.



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Cisneros Puebla, C. A., & Faux, R. B. (2008). The Deconstructive and Reconstructive Faces of Social Construction: An Interview With Ken Gergen. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 9(1).

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