Review: Dennis Howitt & Duncan Cramer (2005). Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology


  • Gavin B. Sullivan Monash University



traditional psychological research, quantitative methods, measurement and testing, qualitative methods, practical advice


This introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods largely succeeds in conveying the main aims of contemporary empirical research in psychology. However, while the scope of the text is admirable, qualitative methods are presented implicitly as an exception to mainstream psychological research. Moreover, useful ways of combining quantitative and qualitative approaches are explored only briefly. Thus even though the text has an adequate description of qualitative methods, students reading HOWITT and CRAMER's work would be left in no doubt about the status of qualitative work in the discipline. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs080168


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Author Biography

Gavin B. Sullivan, Monash University

Gavin SULLIVAN is a lecturer with interests in philosophy and psychology. He has written about reflexivity as a metatheoretical issue for psychology, WITTGENSTEIN's influence on psychotherapy practice, reflexivity and subjectivity in qualitative research, language change and notions of self in psychotherapy, risk theory in relation to qualitative research with forensic patients, the problems of contemporary anxiety self-help program and their governance, the challenges for emotion theory of vacillating and mixed emotions, the difficulties of cognitive appraisal theories in relation to social and relational emotions, conceptual issues in the study of pride as a self-evaluative emotion, and the need to rethink current understandings of national pride and patriotism. He is currently completing a book on the significance of pride for self and culture as well as a monograph on the relevance and limits of WITTGENSTEIN 's philosophy for psychology. This review was completed while the author was a visiting research fellow at the Free University, Berlin with the generous support of an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship.




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