Review: Andreas Lösch (2001). Genomprojekt und Moderne. Soziologische Analysen des bioethischen Diskurses [Genome Project and Modernity. Sociological Analyses of the Bioethical Discourse]

Mike Steffen Schäfer


With "Genomprojekt and Moderne" ("Genome Project and Modernity"), LÖSCH presents an analysis of discourses (mainly German and European) on biotechnology and bioethics. He illuminates the construction of scientific "truth" and of its perceived objectivity, the transformation of this objectivity into norms and regulation, and the effects of these norms on individuals—the latter mainly in genetic diagnostics and counseling. Due to LÖSCH's inspiring interpretations, the volume is worth reading, although its empirical foundation remains somewhat insufficient.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403154


biotechnology; human genome research; discourse analysis


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