Conference Report: Third Workshop "Qualitative Psychology: Research Questions and Matching Methods of Analysis

Leo Gürtler


This report note reviews the third workshop Qualitative Psychology in Perlora (Spain) (Oct., 25-27, 2000), organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology. The main topic of the conference was Research Questions and Matching Methods of Analysis. Researchers (from novices to experts in the field of qualitative methodology) from different countries presented their work. A special topic of the workshop was a session in which selected researchers discussed the first chapter of CERVANTES' Don Quixote with their own (qualitative) method of choice. This report note briefly discusses the contributions of all participants and evaluates the outcomes of the conference.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0301244


qualitative psychology; qualitative methodology; research questions; methods of analysis; Cervantes; conference; workshop


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