Review: Zdenek Konopásek (Ed.) (2000). Our Lives as Database: Doing A Sociology of Ourselves (Czech Social Transitions in Autobiographical Dialogues)

  • Carl Ratner Institute for Cultural Research and Education
Keywords: autobiographies, narratives, agency, culture, sociology, qualitative methodology


The book consists of autobiographical reflections by Czech sociologists on their personal histories spanning the Nazi conquest, Soviet occupation, velvet revolution and the ensuing decade. Methodological/scientific issues for comprehending subjective aspects of sociology are also discussed. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204166


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Carl Ratner, Institute for Cultural Research and Education
Carl RATNER ( has been developing a theoretical and methodological approach to cultural psychology for several decades. He has published Cultural Psychology and Qualitative Methodology: Theoretical & Empirical Considerations (Plenum, 1997) and Cultural Psychology: Theory & Method (Plenum, 2002). RATNER currently gives workshops on qualitative methodology especially in relation to cultural psychology. His articles can be read on his web site:
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