Review: Gillian Rose (2001). Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to the Interpretation of Visual Materials


  • Marilyn Lichtman Virginia Tech



visual culture, visual methodologies, cultural turn, ways of seeing


This intriguing, if somewhat difficult book, introduces the idea that we need methodologies to interpret the plethora of visual stimuli surrounding us. We can understand our culture through various visual representations. Further, there is not a single way of interpreting, but rather multiple ways. ROSE examines such diverse approaches as semiology, psychoanalysis, discourse analysis, and content analysis. Three questions are at the core of her work: Why is it important to consider visual images? Why is it important to be critical about those images? Why is it important to reflect on your critique? The author provides a comprehensive overview and history of this burgeoning field. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204301


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Marilyn Lichtman, Virginia Tech

Marilyn LICHTMAN ( is a professor of educational research and evaluation at the Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech, Falls Church, Virginia. She has taught qualitative research methods for more than ten years. Her research interests involve alternative methods of teaching qualitative research. She has served on the editorial board of The Qualitative Report, an online publication from Nova University. She is about to embark on her 10th year as a docent at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, one of the oldest private art museums in the United States where she conducts tours for children and adults. In a previous FQS issue Marilyn LICHTMAN reviewed The NVivo Qualitative Project Book (




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