Review: Patricia Bazeley & Lyn Richards (2000). The NVivo Qualitative Project Book


  • Marilyn Lichtman Virginia Tech



qualitative software, NVivo program, conceptualizing in qualitative analysis


This book is a welcome addition for the reader who wants to learn about the mechanics of using the specific qualitative software as well as the more advanced user who wants ideas about conceptualizing and developing theory. The accompanying CD-Rom includes a version of the software program and some examples taken from the researchers' experiences. While the version is operational, it will not permit you to save any new data. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0103261


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Author Biography

Marilyn Lichtman, Virginia Tech

Marilyn LICHTMAN ( is a professor of educational research and evaluation at the Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech, Falls Church, Virginia. She has taught qualitative research methods for more than ten years. Her research interests involve alternative methods of teaching qualitative research. She has served on the editorial board of The Qualitative Report, an online publication from Nova University. For the past three years she has used NUD*IST and NVivo software, after attending specialized training in London. She has served as a consultant on numerous research projects, studying students at risk for school failure. She is currently a part of an assessment team working for the International Association of Chiefs of Police in their study of adolescents of US military.




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