From Superteacher to a Super Teacher: The Career Development of Teacher Educators

Merav Asaf, Rakefet Shachar, Vered Tohar, Anat Kainan


The purpose of this study is to portray and understand the course of teacher educators' careers. To this end, narratives were collected from 11 teachers relating to three periods of their professional lives. The narratives were analyzed using BARTHES' multidimensional method for literary analysis. Findings show that the teachers underwent changes in their perception of themselves, of their role, and of the students, and that they are involved in educational activity and renewal despite being in a late stage of their careers. The explanations for this phenomenon are rooted in the work environment as well as in the teachers' personal traits and biographies, which include changes and success.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0803192


teacher education; teacher careers; teacher professional development; narrative analysis, structural analysis; Roland Barthes

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