Katja Mruck, Günter Mey


Taking into account the variety and (sub-) disciplinary diversity of German qualitative research, this contribution can only offer a brief schematic overview of 1) some historical aspects and shared paradigmatic premises in qualitative social research that go beyond disciplinary boundaries, 2) of somewhat common strategies and methods of collection and analysis of qualitative data, 3) the actual state of qualitative research funding and teaching, and 4) the usage of the Internet and its resources. In closing some aspects, which seem especially worthy for further discussion, are touched upon. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs000148


qualitative research methods; teaching qualitative research; reflexive turn; textual turn; interdisciplinary work; Germany; validity; interpretation groups; Internet


Copyright (c) 2000 Katja Mruck, Günter Mey

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