To Follow Garfinkel Means to Turn Sociology From Its Head to Its Toes. Jörg Bergmann & Christian Meyer in Conversation With René Salomon & Hannes Krämer

Jörg R. Bergmann, Christian Meyer, René Salomon, Hannes Krämer


Jörg BERGMANN and Christian MEYER can be counted among the most prominent representatives of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis in Germany. In this interview, they reconstruct their theoretical turn towards ethnomethodology and discuss its historical success in Germany and the US. They address questions about the theoretical foundations and understandings of ethnomethodology as well as its analytic application and teaching possibilities. In addition, they trace the paths and detours of the reception of Harold GARFINKEL's ethnomethodology in West Germany, and offer access to the theoretical depth and challenges of this strand of sociology.


ethnomethodology; Garfinkel; practice theory; history of sociology; social theory; reflexivity; indexicality; qualitative research; conversation analysis; sociology


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