Qualitative Content Analysis in Health Science. Results of a Systematic Review

Marlen Niederberger, Stefanie Dreiack


Qualitative content analysis (QCA) is one of the most commonly used qualitative analysis strategies in Germany. However, the practice of QCA is increasingly critically discussed under epistemological and methodological aspects. In this article, the use and application of QCA in health sciences are empirically examined. For this purpose, the results of a systematic review of the practice of QCA are discussed using peer-reviewed articles from relevant journals with a focus on health sciences. Based on the findings we further explore how the word qualitative in QCA is interpreted and implemented in the research practice of the health sciences. We also reflect the fit between data collection and evaluation, consider the quality of the analysis and discuss typical features of qualitative research.


qualitative content analysis; health sciences; review; public health; qualitative analysis

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/fqs-21.1.3423

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