Review: Jochen Gläser & Grit Laudel (2004). Experteninterviews und qualitative Inhaltsanalyse [The Expert Interview and Content Analysis]

Andrea D. Bührmann


Jochen GLÄSER and Grit LAUDEL give a wide definition of expert interviews in "The Expert Interview and Content Analysis". Through their approach, they try to answer the following questions: Which methods should be applied to which research subjects and what are the consequences implied by these choices? In the main part of the book, GLÄSER and LAUDEL describe the formulation of the research objective, the conduct of the expert interview and the evaluation of the research project with the help of content analysis. In summary, GLÄSER and LAUDEL give a very good example of combining research theory with research practise. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0502212


theory and practice of the expert interview; methodology; qualitative content analysis


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