Vol 15, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Single Contributions

Quantitative/Qualitative: The Paleozoic Debate HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Javier Bassi Follari
University Teachers' Views on (Personalized) Learning and Self-Regulation: A Grounded-Theory Analysis HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Florencia Teresita Daura Toyos
Interpreter-Mediation in Qualitative Interviews: About the Requirements and Effects HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Gwendolin Lauterbach
Cultural Distance From the Internal Other: Education and Relations With the Other as Discussed in Life Stories HTML PDF
Tal Litvak Hirsch, Alon Lazar
Mapping the Complexities of Online Dialogue: An Analytical Modeling Technique HTML PDF
Robert Newell, Ann Dale
Discourse and Dispositive Analysis of Collective Memory as a Response to Public Crisis: Between Habermas and Foucault HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Magdalena Nowicka
Reflecting on the Tensions Between Emic and Etic Perspectives in Life History Research: Lessons Learned HTML PDF
James L. Olive
Considering Performativity as Methodology and Phenomena HTML PDF
Susan C. Sommerfeldt, Vera Caine, Anita Molzahn

FQS Debate: Qualitative Research and Ethics

Research, Gender, and Ethics: A Necessary Triad for Change HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Rosa Vázquez Recio

FQS Interviews

Engaging Complexities: Working Against Simplification as an Agenda for Qualitative Research Today. Adele Clarke in Conversation With Reiner Keller HTML PDF
Adele E. Clarke, Reiner Keller
Arguments Connecting Social Sciences and Philosophy. Ian Jarvie in Conversation With Francisco Osorio HTML PDF
Francisco Osorio

FQS Reviews

Review Essay: Advances, Continuities and Ruptures in Two Editions of "Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis" by R. Wodak and M. Meyer HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Edith Lupprich
Review: Brian Kleiner, Isabell Renschler, Boris Wernli, Peter Farago & Dominique Joye (Eds.) (2013). Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Katharina Manderscheid
Review: Susanne Martin (2013). Denken im Widerspruch. Theorie und Praxis nonkonformistischer Intellektueller [Thinking in Contradictions. The Theory and Practice of Nonconformist Intellectuals] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Georg F. Simet

FQS Conferences

Conference Report: The New Discovery of Margins: Theory-Based Excursions in Marginal Social Fields HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Babette Kirchner, Jule-Marie Lorenzen, Christine Striffler