Conference Report: 18th Workshop, organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology

Franziska Müller, Mechthild Kiegelmann


The 18th workshop organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology was characterized by a relaxed atmosphere in which qualitative and mixed methods research approaches played a central role. The workshop was attended by approximately 30 (junior) scientists from Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, and the United States. A range of methods within various psychological research topics were discussed in 19 papers, a poster session, six project discussions during a research consultation and a post conference workshop. Compared to the early workshops sponsored by the Center, in which there was controversy between representatives of quantitative and qualitative methods in psychology, this workshop seemed more collegial. This became clear in the keynote speech of Joseph A. MAXWELL. However, there are still steps to be taken for the equal acknowledgment of qualitative research methods in psychology to be reached.


Center for Qualitative Psychology; qualitative research; psychological research; mixed methods


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