Making Oneself Vulnerable to Discovery. Carol Gilligan in Conversation With Mechthild Kiegelmann

Mechthild Kiegelmann


In an interview with Mechthild KIEGELMANN, Carol GILLIGAN talks about her academic development, explains key ideas in her psychological theory and method, and reiterates her commitment to civil rights movements. GILLIGAN first began studying literature before she became a research psychologist, helping her to combine art with psychology, which is evident in her most widely influential book "In a Different Voice." In this book GILLIGAN illustrates her theory on disconnection and connectedness, voice and resistance. In the interview she updates us on further developments of her thinking and her research on the psychological development of women, adolescent girls, and young boys. The conversation between GILLIGAN and KIEGELMANN explores research relationships in empirical studies as well as the connectedness of articulating research questions and authentic listening in interviews. They discuss the voice approach as a method of analysis and GILLIGAN presents her current work in psychology and theater.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs090234


Carol Gilligan; human development; research relationships; voice approach; resistance; disconnection

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