Review: Wilhelm Kempf (2003). Forschungsmethoden der Psychologie. Zwischen naturwissenschaftlichem Experiment und sozialwissenschaftlicher Hermeneutik. Band 1: Theorie und Empirie [Methods of Psychology. Between Scientific Experiment and Social Science Hermeneutics]

Carlos Kölbl


The author undertakes a mapping of psychology's methods. Neither leveling them off as merely scientific, nor reducing them to a mere social or cultural science, an undivided methodology is favored. An ambitious program put into action in the form of a textbook, it is characterized by the decision to include insights from the philosophy of science—something other introductions to methods do not offer. The reader may wish for other emphases and criticize details, but, overall, the book is a profitable read. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0502189


methods; textbook; philosophy of science; psychology as natural and social science; experiment; hermeneutics


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