Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Positions and Position Changes in Psychology. A Comment on Texts by Jochen Fahrenberg and Jürgen Rost

  • Franz Breuer Universität Münster
Keywords: qualitative and quantitative methods, traditions and tradition changes in scientific disciplines, methodology of psychology, interdisciplinary communication, Yin-Yang Philosophy


This introduction moderates two contributions to the debate on standards of social research, each written by a representative of psychology. The two authors come from different methodological backgrounds: One represents a quantitative methodology—the other has (among others) an interpretative-psychological (qualitative) background. Their appraisal of recent movements in qualitative social research is surprisingly diverse: friendly and commendatory vs. sharply criticizing. This introduction compares the two positions, places them into disciplinary structures of psychology at German universities, and provides a heuristic contextualization of these positions in Yin-Yang Philosophy. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0302448


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FQS Debate: Quality of Qualitative Research

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