Becoming Research Collaborators in Urban Classrooms: Ethical Considerations, Contradictions and New Understandings

Beth Wassell, Ian Stith


In this paper, we outline several ethical considerations that arose in our collaborative research in urban classrooms. Specifically, Beth discusses the concerns she had as a beginning researcher with regard to the demands she placed on Ian, the subject of her research, during his first year of teaching. Together, we then discuss a sensitive issue that emerged in the data analysis and the implications of the decision to write about the issue. Finally, Beth outlines an argument for the misalignment between the theoretical framework used in her study and Ian's roles and participation in the research process. Rather than offering suggestions, we envision that this paper will spark questions for other qualitative researchers who plan to collaborate with practitioners.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0501185


collaborative research; urban schools; ethical considerations; agency; voice

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