Vol 9, No 3 (2008)

Visual Methods

Edited by Hubert Knoblauch, Alejandro Baer, Eric Laurier, Sabine Petschke & Bernt Schnettler

Table of Contents

Thematic Issue

Visual Analysis. New Developments in the Interpretative Analysis of Video and Photography HTML PDF
Hubert Knoblauch, Alejandro Baer, Eric Laurier, Sabine Petschke, Bernt Schnettler
The Interpretation of Pictures and the Documentary Method HTML PDF
Ralf Bohnsack
The Power of Photographs of Buildings in the Dresden Urban Discourse. Towards a Visual Discourse Analysis HTML PDF
Gabriela B. Christmann
The Collaborative Production of Responses and Dispatching on the Radio: Video Analysis in a Medical Emergency Call Center HTML PDF
Giolo Fele
Digital Memory: The Visual Recording of Mass Grave Exhumations in Contemporary Spain HTML PDF
Francisco Ferrándiz, Alejandro Baer
Visual Research at the Crossroads HTML PDF
John Grady
Video Analysis of Mathematical Practice? Different Attempts to "Open Up" Mathematics for Sociological Investigation HTML PDF
Christian Greiffenhagen
Representational and Discursive Self-expression of Young Migrants in the Context of Different (Media) Cultural Resources HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Peter Holzwarth, Horst Niesyto
The Emergent Production of Analysis in Photo Elicitation: Pictures of Military Identity HTML PDF
Neil K. Jenkings, Rachel Woodward, Trish Winter
Sociological Film—Theoretical and Practical Aspects HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jerzy Kaczmarek
Involving, Sharing, Analysing—Potential of the Participatory Photo Interview HTML PDF
Bettina Kolb
Touching and Gesture Exchange as an Element of Emotional Bond Construction. Application of Visual Sociology in the Research on Interaction between Humans and Animals HTML PDF
Krzysztof T. Konecki
Video Analysis: Lessons from Professional Video Editing Practice HTML PDF
Eric Laurier, Ignaz Strebel, Barry Brown
Using Video for a Sequential and Multimodal Analysis of Social Interaction: Videotaping Institutional Telephone Calls HTML PDF
Lorenza Mondada
Mobilising Visual Ethnography: Making Routes, Making Place and Making Images HTML PDF
Sarah Pink
Mapping the Imaginary—Maps in Fantasy Role-Playing Games HTML PDF
Tobias Röhl, Regine Herbrik
Interpretative Visual Analysis. Developments, State of the Art and Pending Problems HTML PDF
Bernt Schnettler, Jürgen Raab
Research Report: Neue Formen der gesellschaftlichen Kommunikation von Wissen – Ein videografisches Projekt [New Social Forms of Knowledge Communication─A Videographic Project] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Roman Pernack

Single Contributions

From Superteacher to a Super Teacher: The Career Development of Teacher Educators HTML PDF
Merav Asaf, Rakefet Shachar, Vered Tohar, Anat Kainan
Methodological Considerations for Conducting Qualitative Interviews with Youth Receiving Mental Health Services HTML PDF
Kathryn K. DeRoche, Maria K.E. Lahman
Wilhelm Wundt's Theory of Interpretation HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jochen Fahrenberg
Triangulation of Qualitative Methods for the Exploration of Activity Systems in Ergonomics HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Monika Hackel, Michael Klebl
Interviews with the Elite and with Experts. Are There Any Differences? HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Beate Littig
Identity Presentation: The Construction of Identity in Asynchronous Discussion HTML PDF
Brian Morgan
Living Stories: The Role of the Researcher in the Narration of Life HTML PDF
Ainslie Yardley

FQS Debate: Teaching and Learning Qualitative Methods

Learning and Teaching Qualitative Research Methods in Social Science. Provisional Reflections HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Benno Herzog

FQS Reviews

Review: Birgit Griese & Hedwig Rosa Griesehop (2007). Biographische Fallarbeit. Theorie, Methode und Praxisrelevanz [A Biographical Approach to Casework: Theory, Method and Practical Relevance] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Laura C. Behrmann
Review: Udo Kelle (2007). Die Integration qualitativer und quantitativer Methoden in der empirischen Sozialforschung [Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Empirical Social Research: Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Concepts] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jeannette Bischkopf
Review Essay: Two Sides of a Methodological Coin? HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Sabrina Böhmer
Review: Elfriede Löchel & Insa Härtel (Eds.) (2006). Verwicklungen. Psychoanalyse und Wissenschaft [Entanglements. Psychoanalysis and Science] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Leyla Ciragan, Sandra Da Rin
Review Essay: Auto/Ethnography and Tinsel Town: Nathaniel Kohn's Pursuing Hollywood and How it Relates to My Own Experiences Chasing the Dream of Creating Culture Through Cinema HTML PDF
Michael Hemmingson
Review: Doris Lemmermöhle, Stefanie Große, Antje Schellack & Renate Putschbach (2006). Passagen und Passantinnen. Biographisches Lernen junger Frauen [Rites of Passage and Those Who Pass: A Longitudinaly Study of the Biographical Learning of Young Women] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Gerhard Jost
Review Essay: From Local Practices to Public Knowledge: Action Research as Scientific Contribution HTML PDF HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Joel Martí
Review: Anne Waldschmidt & Werner Schneider (Eds.) (2007). Disability Studies, Kultursoziologie und Soziologie der Behinderung [Disability Studies, Cultural Sociology and the Sociology of Disability: Explorations of a New Research Field] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Lisa Pfahl
Review: Rafael Behr (2006). Polizeikultur. Routinen – Rituale – Reflexionen. Bausteine zu einer Theorie der Praxis der Polizei [Police Culture: Routines—Rituals—Reflexions. Elements of a Theory of Practice of the Police] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jo Reichertz
Review: Promotionskolleg "Kinder und Kindheiten im Spannungsfeld gesellschaftlicher Modernisierung" (Ed.) (2006). Kinderwelten und institutionelle Arrangements [Children's Worlds and Institutional Settings—The Modernization of Childhood] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Werner Reichmann
Review: Hannes Heer, Walter Manoschek, Alexander Pollak & Ruth Wodak (2008). The Discursive Construction of History. Remembering the Wehrmacht's War of Annihilation HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Dirk Rupnow
Review: Catherine Marshall & Gretchen B. Rossman (2006). Designing Qualitative Research HTML PDF
Carlos Nunes Silva
Book Review Symposium: Between Reflexivity and Consolidation—Qualitative Research in the Mirror of Handbooks HTML PDF
Shalva Weil, Thomas S. Eberle, Uwe Flick
Review Essay: Controlled Openness HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Andreas Wenninger

FQS Conferences

Conference Report: Seventh Annual Meeting of the Center for Qualitative Psychology: Qualitative Research in the Changing Academic Context HTML PDF
Taylor Adams, Annette Ullrich