Vol 5, No 3 (2004)

Special Issue: FQS Interviews I

Edited by Günter Mey, César A. Cisneros Puebla & Robert Faux

Table of Contents

Thematic Issue

Qualitative Researchers—Stories Told, Stories Shared: The Storied Nature of Qualitative Research. An Introduction to the Special Issue: FQS Interviews I HTML PDF HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
César A. Cisneros Puebla, Robert B. Faux, Günter Mey
Ron Chenail: The Future Is Here; It Is Just Not Widely Distributed Yet"—Adapted from William Gibson HTML PDF
Marilyn Lichtman
Aaron V. Cicourel: I Am NOT Opposed to Quantification or Formalization or Modeling, but I Do Not Want to Pursue Quantitative Methods That Are Not Commensurate With the Research Phenomena Addressed HTML PDF
Andreas Witzel, Günter Mey
Juliet Corbin: To Learn to Think Conceptually HTML PDF HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
César A. Cisneros Puebla
Bob Dick: In the Pursuit of Change and Understanding HTML PDF
Bob Williams
Carolyn Ellis and Art Bochner: Building Connections in Qualitative Research HTML PDF
Stacy Holman Jones
Kenneth Gergen: "Old-Stream" Psychology Will Disappear With the Dinosaurs! HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch) HTML PDF
Peter Mattes, Ernst Schraube
Thoroughly Post-Modern Mary. A Biographic Narrative Interview With Mary Gergen PDF
Kip Jones
Gerhard Kleining: From Commercial Market Research to Academic Teaching—an Exceptional Professional Career HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Harald Witt
Janice Morse: Let's do More Theoretical Work ... HTML PDF HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
César A. Cisneros Puebla
Maya Nadig: Constructions Arise in Active Involvement: This Is Why We Are Not Just Victims Slain and Cloned to Something Colorless by the Dominant Culture in the Process of Globalizing Itself HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Wolfgang Hegener
Ian Parker: This World Demands our Attention HTML PDF
Dimitris Papadopoulos, Ernst Schraube
Judith Preissle: The Coming of Age of a Qualitative Researcher: The Impact of Qualitative Research in Education Past, Present, and Future HTML PDF
Robert B. Faux
Co-generative Dialoguing and Metaloguing: Reflexivity of Processes and Genres HTML PDF
Wolff-Michael Roth, Kenneth Tobin
Hans-Georg Soeffner: Expanding the Action Repertoire of Societies HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jo Reichertz
Anselm Strauss: Research is Hard Work, it's Always a bit Suffering. Therefore, on the Other Side Research Should be Fun HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch) HTML PDF HTML (Español) PDF (Español)
Heiner Legewie, Barbara Schervier-Legewie
Hans Thomae: The Individual and His/Her World in the Flux of Time: History and Biography in Psychological Research HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Jürgen Straub

Single Contributions

Online Communities in Saudi Arabia: Evaluating the Impact on Culture Through Online Semi-Structured Interviews HTML PDF
Yeslam Al-Saggaf, Kirsty Williamson
Becoming a "Legitimate" Ancestor: A Sociocultural Understanding of a Sonless Jamnyeo's Life Story HTML PDF
Gui-Young Hong
The Launch of the Euro in Retrospect—Insights From an In-Depth Evaluation Study in Austria HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Karl Kollmann
A Living History—A Qualitative Study of Experienced Chiropractors Treating Visceral Conditions HTML PDF
Joan K. Langlois, Richard H. Parrish II, Ronald Rupert, Dwain Daniel
Current Practices in Multicultural Assessment by School Psychologists HTML PDF
Eric J. López, Loretta Salas, Elsa Arroyos-Jurado, Kathleen Chinn
Political Activism and Narrative Analysis: The Biographical Template and the Meat Pot HTML PDF
Brian Roberts
Cognitive Phenomenology: Marriage of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science HTML PDF
Wolff-Michael Roth
Leadership in Higher Education: A Qualitative Study HTML PDF
Milind Sathye

FQS Debate: Qualitative Research and Ethics

Researching Across Cultures: Issues of Ethics and Power HTML PDF
Anne Marshall, Suzanne Batten
(Un-) Political Ethics, (un-) Ethical Politics HTML PDF
Wolff-Michael Roth

FQS Reviews

Review: Alexander Bogner, Beate Littig & Wolfgang Menz (Eds.) (2002). Das Experteninterview. Theorie, Methode, Anwendung [The Expert Interview: Theory, Method and Application] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Andrea D. Bührmann
Review: Klaus-Peter Köpping (2002). Shattering Frames: Transgressions and Transformations in Anthropological Discourse and Practice HTML PDF
Lawrence J. Hammar
Review: Nathalie Iványi & Jo Reichertz (Eds.) (2003). Liebe (wie) im Fernsehen. Eine wissenssoziologische Analyse [Love (like) on Television. An Analysis Based on the Sociology of Knowledge] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Dagmar Hoffmann
Review: Sylvia Keim (2003). "So richtig deutsch wird man nie sein ..." – Junge Migrantinnen und Migranten in Deutschland. Zwischen Integration und Ausgrenzung ["You Will Never Be Truly German ... "—Young Migrants in Germany. Between Integration and Exclusion] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Andreas Klärner
Review: Reinhard Keil-Slawik & Michael Kerres (Eds.) (2003). Wirkungen und Wirksamkeit neuer Medien in der Bildung [The Impact and Effectiveness of New Media in Education] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Anja Naumann
Review: Jane Ritchie & Jane Lewis (Eds.) (2003). Qualitative Research Practice. A Guide for Social Science Students and Researchers HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Kathrin Ruhl
Review: Andreas Lösch (2001). Genomprojekt und Moderne. Soziologische Analysen des bioethischen Diskurses [Genome Project and Modernity. Sociological Analyses of the Bioethical Discourse] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Mike Steffen Schäfer
Review: Arnulf Deppermann (2001). Gespräche analysieren. Eine Einführung [Analyzing Conversations. An Introduction] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Wilhelm Schwendemann
Review Essay: Talking about Challenges of Being a Teacher HTML PDF
Eduardo Sarquis Soares
Review: Ardra L. Cole & J. Gary Knowles (Eds.) (2001). Lives in Context: The Art of Life History Research HTML PDF
Volker Wedekind
Review: Marianne Englert, Eckhard Lange, Heiner Schmitt & Hans-Gerhard Stülb (Eds.) (2002). Vernetzungen. Archivdienstleistungen in Presse, Rundfunk und Online-Medien [Cross-Linkings. Archive Services in Press, Broadcast and Online Media] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Martin Welker

FQS Conferences

Conference Report: Fourth Annual Meeting of Qualitative Psychology. "Areas of Qualitative Psychology—Special Focus on Design" HTML PDF
Leo Gürtler, Silke-Birgitta Gahleitner
Conference Report: Workshop on "Discourse—Knowledge—Culture" / Workshop on "Applied Discourse Analyses HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Willy Viehöver

Inside FQS

Refining the Semantics of Open Access HTML PDF
Stefan Gradmann, Katja Mruck, Maximilian Stempfhuber